Chistmas 2015

Merry Christmas! 

And again the 365 days of the year 2015 are nearly gone and the contemplative Christmas time is omnipresent. My team looks back to a very successful year 2015, which was shaped by several moments of achievements and happiness. These moments will stay in our minds forever. My silver medal at the German Championships in Balve, Laura’s bronze medal at the German Junior Championships, our 2. winter indoor series and of course our successful 11th sport horse sales are just a few examples for emotional moments we really enjoyed. A very Merry Christmas and the all the best wishes, good health, luck and success for you-my friends, clients and equestrian friends- for the New Year. Yours Holger Hetzel and team


Impressions Sport Horse Sales 2015


03.12.2015 Prices auction 2015

Click HERE to see the results of the auction. More information coming soon. [283 KB]


02.12.2015 ORDER OF SALE



28.11.2015 A nice and busy Satuday


26.11.2015 Public demonstration on Sunday

The now traditional public demonstration of all auction horses takes place on Sunday 29 November 2015 at 10 a.m. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to ride the horses and enjoy the typical Hetzel hospitality at a brunch. Top international riders from Germany and abroad have said they’ll be coming along on Sunday to try out one or two of the horses under optimum conditions. So there’ll be a full programme on Sunday and the young horses will have a last opportunity to persuade potential buyers. The event is open to the public, so everyone is welcome to spend the first Sunday of Advent at my place.


23.11.2015 The event is getting closer

New decoration in the indoor 

Our 11th Sport Horse Sales is getting closer and closer. Only ten days to go, then the biggest day of the year is happening. We are very happy to announce that interested people from all over the world are coming to try the horses and when they’re leaving the stables they are really convinced by the exceptional quality of the horses. But also at the stables there are more and more signs that the auction is not far away: Since last week the big pictures of this years auction horses decorate the big indoor and remind us every day to the big event. Tomorrow the setup starts, then the tents, traverses, ground and so son will build up. We can’t wait for it, our anticipation is enormous. Only the 24 auction horses are quiet and showing their quality every day again!


19.11.2015 CSI Oldenburg- last show in 2015

Dalli Dalli in Munich  by TS Foto

The Agravis Cup in Oldenburg was my last international show this year. The CSI2* is a traditional show in the North of Germany and I really like this event.
All my three horses jumped again very well and gave me a wonderful feeling in the course. Even we had a long show season this year they were highly motivated and really wanted to perform well. Seven year old Dalli Dalli finished eighth in the Youngster Tour Final (1.40m) and got his 28th international placing in 2015. For sure we all, me as the rider, our team and for sure his owner, are very proud of the performance of the small and highly talented gelding.
Gertje van het Scheefkasteel got two placings in 1.40m classes of the CSI2*. In all courses he gave me a super feeling and it was just a pleasure to present him in the course.
Legioner did a great job again, but unfortunately the luck was not with us.



My student Carolin Becker competed in the international Amateur Tour and showed great performances with her two horses. With her only six year old stallion Edison she placed in the small tour and got the third rank in the final. With her gelding Balderdas she got two placings in 1,40m classes.
On my way back home I once again thought about my season and honestly I’m really proud of the consistent and nice performances of my horses. Now they’re enjoying a well deserved break and I can’t wait to show them again. My team and I are focussed on only one thing: Our 11th Sport Horse Sales!


10.11.2015 Munich Indoors -a wonderful show

Last weekend I and my three horses Legioner, Dalli Dalli and Gertje van het Scheefkasteel competed at the Munich Indoors, a CSI3* with the final stage of the DKB-Riders Tour. The indoor show took place under the roof of the legendary “Olympiahalle” (Olympic indoor) and the horses stayed in the Olympiastadion where once the FC Bayern played and where the German jumping team won Olympic gold in 1972. Shortly: CSI Munich is a special event at a very famous venue. Seven year old Dalli Dalli (by Canturano) jumped again fantastically well in the Poresta Youngster Cup classes. Unfortunately the luck was not on our side in the course- we had one fault in both rounds. Gertje van het Scheefkasteel had his first international show after a long time and was in super condition. He jumped super and have me a great feeling. The nine year old gelding finished ninth in a 1.45m class. Legioner presented again his incredible quality and was clear in the Championat of Munich (1.50m class). In the Grand Prix of Munich on Sunday he jumped again like a superstar, but his rider didn’t gave him the chance to finish the course without faults. I’m very pleased with the performances of my horses, all three did an amazing job and I can’t wait for CSI2* Oldenburg next weekend.


10.11.2015 Former auction horses at CSI3* Munich

Captain Sparrow & Michael Jung  by Lafrentz

  • Eight year old Captain Sparrow (auction horse 2012) and his rider Michael Jung won the 1.45m speed class Friday evening and finished fifth in a 1.45m class
  • Conquest (auction horse 2014) and Maria Madenova became eighth in a class of the Poresta Youngster Cup
  • Junior rider Maria Madenova presented her superstar Kleiner Onkel (auction horse 2010) in the big tour and was clear in a 1.45m class as well as in the Championat of Munich (1.50)
  • Seven year old gelding Daimler was placed in two classes of the Poresta Youngster Cup. The gelding was ridden by Werner Muff
  • Also L.B. Top Gun (auction horse 2010) competed in Munich and was clear in big classes with his rider Christina Liebherr


10.11.2015 Late Entry in Grevenbroich

Velvet Brown 

  • Currently our auction horses have priority in our daily work, but this doesn’t mean that we forget about the others. Thursday Tobias competed successfully at the Late Entry in Grevenbroich:
  • Six year old Cornet MM jumped exceptionally well and became second in both the 1.20m and the 1.30m youngster class. His score: 8.3 in both classes
  • Cardamomo (stallion by Caretino x Quidam de Revel) finished second in the youngster 1.30m class and got a placing in the 1.20m class for young horses
  • Apatshe got the fifth rank in the 1.35m class
  • Eight year old mare Tryba du Lerchenberg (by Kashmir van’t Schutterhof) jumped also great and finished fourth in the 1.35m class. In the 1.40m class she became eighth
  • Velvet Brown, ten year old daughter of For Pleasure, showed a nice clear round in the 1.40m class and is ready to compete at CSI 3* Opglabbeek next weekend.


31.10.2015 What a wonderul autumn day


31.10.2015 The auction horses are ONLINE

The horses in this years collection are going to spark some emotional fireworks- this is what I promise you! It includes 24 exceptional horses aged five to eight with impressive track records that are ready for the next stages of their careers. Nothing was left to chance in the selection process, so all horses conform to the most stringent of quality criteria and the excellent collection includes show jumpers for all requirements. Most of the top quality horses also have special competition achievements up to international Championships. Now you can put your curiosity about this year’s auction collection aside because videos, photos and information about all the horses have now been posted- check them out HERE. Interested customers can call to make a try out appointment (+49-171-480 8668).


29.10.2015 The catalogues have arrived!

A lot of catalogues 

They have arrived! Yesterday the catalogues and DVD’S have been delivered. Then the work began and with combined effort it was a pleasure to finalize the end- product.
With very good mood and full of joy the team started working as every year: DVD in the DVD case, DVD in the catalogue, invitations and catalogue in the envelope, envelope closed, post stamp on it and directly into the yellow post box. Everything went well and fast- experience shows it Now, after two days, all of the catalogues are on there way to the customer or just ready to give them away for the next weeks. If you want to have your personal catalogue with a lot of pictures and reportages, you can order them here.


28.10.2015 Some impressions before pubicising


27.10.2015 Trailer Sport Horse Sales 2015


26.10.2015 Goch to to the rest of the world

We are moving into the second decade of ou famous auction events with the 11th Sport Horse Sales on Wednesday 2 December 2015 in Goch.
The previous ten have featured some fantastic collections of horses that have gone on to be very successful for their satisfied customers. My team and I have some pretty unforgettable memories of both the horses and the auctions, and they’re what motivate us to organise this annual event. The globe has been chosen as the motif for this year’s event because former auction horses are now sensationally successful show jumpers in 36 different countries around the world. And that’s something we are very proud of.


With a big jump in 2016! 

Now this year’s distinguished collection is waiting to go out into the big wide world. It includes 24 exceptional horses aged five to eight with impressive track records that are ready for the next stages of their careers. Nothing was left to chance in the selection process, so all horses conform to the most stringent of quality criteria and the excellent collection includes show jumpers for all requirements. Most of the top quality horses also have special competition achievements up to international Championships. The Sport Horse Sales event has become a kind of mission for my team and I, and we’re absolutely committed to its success.”
At the end of this week the collection horses will be presented to the public. All the horses were 100% convincing at the video shoot and they cater to a wide range of rider requirements. I can’t wait to present the horses!


26.10.2015 They're ready for you-try out can start

All youngsters have moved into their boxes at our stables and enjoy the professional care of our team. All horses convince us during daily training with their above-average qualities; it is just fun to ride them. Every single horse just deserves it to make it into our strictly-selected auction lot.
It is said that ‘the luck of the earth lies on a horses back’, this year’s exclusive auction with its outstanding selection of top class sport horses will only verify this. We also provide comprehensive information and data about every single horse, each of which has been personally tested and approved, plus impressive videos of the horses competing so that potential buyers can see their performance in the ring. If you wish to make an appointment to try out your favorite please do not hesitate to contact us, everyone is welcome!


23.10.2015 Order your auction magazine

This year again we don't have just an auction catalogue: It not only provides you with information about the horses in the collection, but also contains general information about the event, the concept and the service philosophy of us. There are statements, information about us and our daily work and a lot of nice, colourful pictures- an outstanding product! The new auction catalogue grants you a look behind the scenes and introduces the whole stables. Catalogue + magazine= you need it!! You don’t have the auction catalogue? Order it right now!


15.10.2015 Making of 2015


15.06.2015 Silver at German Championships

Legioner enjoyed the lap of honour 

Let’s start with the conclusion of the weekend: Legioner I won Silver at the German Championships!
But let’s start at the beginning: The first competition with two rounds was scheduled on Friday afternoon. The two 1.55m high courses were really challenging and the weather made it even more difficult: The sun was shining and it was a suffocating heat. My Legioner was in a brilliant shape, he jumped amazing and he gave me a highly motivated feeling. In spite of the heat he fought for me and did a brilliant job. At the end we finished both rounds without faults and became fourth in the 1.55m class. But much more meaningful was the fact, that we had a clean record for the big final on Sunday. On Saturday our beloved gelding had a nice and well deserved wellness program with easy flatwork, walking and hand-grazing with his groom Romy.
On Sunday morning when riding a little bit dressage I felt already that Legioner’s batteries are reloaded and he couldn’t wait for entering the course again.
To be honest the tension was enormous, but I knew that Legioner can jump everything and he wouldn’t leave me in the lurch. Especially during the last months he convinced me with his performances, I just love and trust him.


Everyone is happy! 

While watching the first riders in the first round of the final on Sunday afternoon, many surprises came up. The course was really tricky and the course builder did an excellent job. We were one of the last competitors to go. Legioner jumped again awesome in the arena, but it was me who caused a fault on fence seven. I waited too long, so Legioner had no chance to jump the fence without making a fault. The rest of the course was super, so I get a little bit angry about myself. The second round was again without any doubt; I enjoyed the round and felt once again that my horse is a superstar. Clear. He jumped again clear in the 1.55m class and got better from course to course. When I noticed that we won a medal anyway my- or better our- happiness was already boundless. Denis Nielsen with Cashmoaker, Jörg Oppermann with Che Guevara and we were on four faults after four rounds and the medals were decided after an exiting jump-off. Legioner and I first to go and delivered a safe clear round in 49,64 seconds, this means also our last course at the German Championships 2015 was clear.


Legioner was proud! 

Jörg Oppermann and Che Guevara crossed the finish line having the fastest time of the day at 44.73, but four faults placed them behind us. As last to go Denis Nielsen gave his all aboard his grey stallion. The fences stayed intact and as they also shaved off three seconds of our time the 2015 German Championship belonged to Nielsen and Cashmoaker. Congratulations to the young boys, who did an amazing job!
What should I say? We all were (and still are) unbelievable proud and happy about the Silver medal. My family, friends and a part of my team were celebrating with us on the warm- up arena; groom Romy got hugs from all sides, Legioner got cuddles from hundred hands and I felt honoured when getting so many compliments. It made me very happy that my daughter Laura was with me and she noticed how exhausting it is to be on the ground during an important show (normally it’s the other way around, like this weekend at CSIO-J Hagen).


... still proud! 

I really enjoyed the prize- giving ceremony and Legioner seemed to be also very proud. “Proud”- that is the correct word for describing my feelings. I’m unbelievable proud of my gelding, who did an amazing job and really fought like a superstar. Congratulations to my entire team- especially groom Romy who takes care of my horses like a mummy. Without the great team in the background this medal wouldn’t be possible. This result is an amazing confirmation for our work with our four legged partners and the training system and management really pays of. I’ve so many emotions in my head, I can not describe them.
But there was one more reason for being happy: Our little pony Dalli Dalli also performed great. The seven year old Canturano- son was clear in two classes of the youngster Tour and finished third in an international 1.35m class and seventh in the 1.40m class.
Final conclusion: It definitely was an emotional weekend. I’m proud, happy and unbelievable thankful.


12.06.2015 New videos online

Check out our YouTube Channel "Holger Hetzel Stables", we have new videos from current shows online. Then you can see the great performances of our horses- if young or older, small or big courses. Enjoy watching!


09.06.2015 "You have reached your destination"

  • … we’ve heard this sentence several times last weekend. Always when we reached our destination of the show- Rommerskirchen. This means we’ve heard this happy statement on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and- what a surprise- also on Sunday. The show in Rommerskirchen was really nice, they had a lot of classes up to 1.45m and the conditions for horses, riders and spectator were really nice.
  • Tobias and his five year old stallion Cassiliano’s Stern won the qualification for the Federal Championships for young horses. Their score: 8.5
  • Casper, a six year old son of Cassini II, presented himself very well at his second show and became third in the youngster L class with the score 8.5
  • Eight year old mare Tryba du Lerchenberg finished fourth in the 1.35m class
  • Canturana (Canturo x Calato) was sixth in a 1.35m class and also Carenette (Caretino x Capitol) got a placement in this class
  • The ten year old For Pleasure mare Velvet Brown was eighth in the 1.40m class and got a placement in the Grand Prix (1.45m)
  • Casscora jumped again very well and Tobias’ training paid off. The ten year old mare by Cassini II finished seventh in a 1.40m class and got a great second rank in the Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon
  • Laura presented Little Tinka in the Grand Prix on Sunday. They convinced with a super nice clear round in the 1.45m class. Unfortunately one time fault avoided a placement


02.06.2015 My student Vanessa successful in Aachen

Last weekend my student Vanessa Borgmann hat a very special premiere: The young Amazon had her first competition in the “Aachener Soers“. Because of her great results with her gelding Come to win Vanessa has been nominated for the CHIO Aachen and her dream (and of course the dream of all show jumping riders) came true. Like always Vanessa and Come to win showed concentrated, impressive clear rounds in both world ranking classes and convinced all horse people around. They got placements in both clsses classes, the 1.45m as well as the 1.50m classes with the worlds best riders.


02.06.2015 Chiara fourth in the ROLEX Grand Prix

Chiara  by digishot.nl

The world’s best riders competed in Aachen, where the Rolex Grand Slam Grand Prix took place last weekend. For sure we were exciting when watching former horses of our stables jumping in Aachen, on the most famous show ground ever. Next to our student Vanessa Borgmann we were nervous when Chiara (auction horse 2007) and Ludger Beerbaum went into the arena on Sunday afternoon. The Rolex Grand Prix went over two rounds plus a jump-off, the fences 1.60m big. The first round consisted of 13 fences and 16 jumps. The famous double of Liverpools as always caused some problems - not so much for the jump itself, but several times due to the big lake beside it. The 18 best riders out of the 40 competitors qualified for the second round. They did an amazing job- clear in all three rounds!!! At the end they finished fourth in this amazing class and showed off again their exceptional quality. World Champion Jeroen Dubbeldam presented the seven year old stallion Alfa Jordan (auction horse 2012) in the international youngster classes and inspired the spectators. What a show and what an audience, we are more than proud that our student and former horses competed there.


01.06.2015 Laura and Rita fourth in Grand Prix

Laura and Rita 

Laura and her horses had been nominated fort he CSIO Bonheiden, an international Nations Cup for young rider. With Quanita Laura showed once again super nice rounds and were clear in two 1.30m classes during the first days. On Sunday they competed in the Grand Prix for junior rider: The 1.40m course was quite difficult and long. Our 15yo Amazone and her mare showed all their quality and experience and stayed clear in the first round. After the jump- off they were honoured with the fourth rank in the Grand Prix of CSIO- J Bonheiden! Also professor Little Tinka jumped very nice in the international classes.


27.05.2015 Legioner fifth in the Grand Prix

I’m so pleased with the performances of my horses last weekend! After the CSI3* show in Munich nanny Romy and her three superstars drove directly to Vienna, where they stayed at the great location of Magna Racino. While I was at home, Romy kept the horses happy and gave them a well- deserved wellness programme till the CSI4* show started on Friday. The facility and circumstances are quite amazing, but unfortunately the organizer had to handle with bad weather conditions. On Saturday the whole programme had to be cancelled due to bad weather conditions. This is why I (and also my colleagues) had to change my plan for each. Happily the new plan works very well and all three horses jumped clear in all classes they competed in.


Dalli Dalli 

Seven year old Dalli Dalli jumped again exceptionally well and attracted attention in the youngster classes for seven and eight year old horses. He finished sixth in a 1.45m class and got an amazing ninth place in the Youngster Tour Final, a 1.45m class! Check me out jumped also super and finished clear in both 1.45m classes he competed in. Legioner’s weekend plan was focussed on the 100.000€ Gaston Glock’s Grand Prix on Monday. On Friday I just made a few jumps in a 1.45m two- phases- competition and he gave me a super feeling. In the 1.60m Grand Prix Legioner jumped fantastically well and was clear in the first round as well as in the jump- off. He finished 5th in this CSI4* Grand Prix and I’m really happy for my horse- he deserved this success!
Now the three athletes are on their way back home and will enjoy a few days in the fields before the next projects are coming!


Legioner Grand Prix


27.05.2015 Call me Hannes placed in Grand Prix

Captain Sparrow  by Pferdefoto Lafrentz

  • Call me Hannes (auction horse 2010) and his rider David Beisel finished eighth in the CSI3*-W Lexington Grand Prix, a 1.60m class with jump-off
  • Captain Sparrow (auction horse 2012) was presented at CSI4* Wiesbaden and became sixth in an international 1.40m class
  • Junior rider Sophia Lindemann rode her mare Djerma in Zeiskam. The Amazon and her young mare won a 1.30m speed class, were third in a 1.30m class and became fifth in a 1.20m class
  • Seven year old Ulaika and Sebastian Adams won a 1.30m class
  • Coline was in super form and convinced also in Zeiskam: Ridden by Sebastian Adams the eight year old mare was placed in a 1.40m class, finished second in a 1.45m class and got a placement in the Grand Prix (1.50m)
  • 2010 auction horse Lord Nobel and Joana Ossenberg- Engels were in Kalthof. Their results: Rank three in a 1.20m class and place six in a 1.30m class
  • Virginia and Lisa Kochs won a 1.20m class in Hückelhofen
  • Victoria Lauff and her gelding Embassy (auction horse 2014) finished fifth in a youngster L- class
  • Great news also from Russia: Alena Babushkina and her gelding Carlson finished all classes (1.40m, 1.45m and 1.50m!) at the “Cup of Moscow” without faults at the fences and with her gelding Call me Paul the young rider earned placings in the 1.30m and 1.35m classes of the CSI* show


19.05.2015 Ascension weekend at CSI3* Munich

Dalli Dalli in Munich  by TS Foto

It is a long tradition that the CSI3* Munich takes place at the Ascension weekend every year again. The show ground is beautiful- a nice and large grass arena, a lot of visitors, an interesting programme and super conditions for horses and rider/grooms/spectators. My horses jumped exceptionally well during the four- day show and made me very happy with constant performances.
Check me Out competed in three classes of the big tour and did a great job. The nine year old gelding by Contendro is ready for the big tasks and jumps all courses with big ease.
Dalli Dalli convinced in all classes of the Youngster Tour and presented his unbelievable scope and willingness to perform. In the first two 1.40m classes the small gelding finished fifth and seventh. Also in the 1.45m big final of the Youngster Tour the seven year old gelding was clear and got a placement. Legioner’s mission was the Grand Prix on Sunday. The 1.60m class was also a qualifier for the Master League Final so it was no wonder that the course was quiet difficult. Legioner jumped amazing, did a wonderful job when jumping the course and was clear in the first round. Unfortunately I was not clear, so we finished with one time fault. Anyway, I’m more than pleased with my horses and really, really proud of them!


27.05.2015 A golden Whit Monday in Goch


  • Tobias, Lars, Christine and Laura competed at the small national show in Goch- Pfalzdorf. The show ground is close to our stables, so it was a nice possibility to show our younger and inexperienced horses at the show. The horses jumped nice and Laura bestowed a golden Whit Monday on us:
  • Laura had her premiere when presenting the five year old stallion Charles. In the youngster A** class they have been scored with a 8.2 and in the youngster L class they got a 8.3 from the judge. The exciting result in both classes: First place!
  • Edison (by Unamien) finished fourth in the youngster A** class
  • Six year old gelding Casper got a placing in the youngster A** class
  • Quel Verdi got the score 8,0 in the youngster L class and got the fifth rank
  • Six year old Violino was placed in the youngster L class
  • Lars finished clear in the 1.20m class with Zimperia, Aptashe and Wunderkind and honoured with placements for his performances
  • Carenette and Tobias were eighth in a 1.30m speed class
  • Wendy was clear in two 1.30m classes and also Cupitella presented a clear round in a 1.30m class


18.05.2015 Smint wins Nations Cup

Nine year old Smint (auction horse 2012) did it again: The little gelding and his rider Noemie Goergen won the Nations Cup at CSI3* Celje with the team from Luxembourg. Smint was responsible for the amazing victory: In the first round of the 1.50m course he finished with one fault, the second round was clear. Furthermore they were placed in the opening class.
Even Smint is only nine years old, he has more than 130 results in classes up to 1.50m!


27.05.2015 Felix and his "Hope" are Champions

Happy Felix! The 15yo rider and his nine year old mare Full of Hope (auction horse 2010) became “Kreismeister des Bergischen Landes”, that means they won the title of the County Championship. Felix and his mare showed exemplary constant performances at the show in Leichlingen. They won the first qualification, a 1.30m class and finished second in a 1.35m class. Also in the final they jumped double clear and got the third rank in the 1.35m class. Congratulations Felix, well done!


05.05.2015 Results up to Global Champions Tour

L.B. Top Gun  by Sportfot.com

  • A CSI5* competition inclusive Global Champions Tour and a special show ground. The show in Madrid was an absolute top event with the best riders from all over the world. L.B. Top Gun (auction horse 2009) has been presented by Christina Liebherr and showed exceptional performances: The grey gelding finished all 1.45m classes under the top ten, becoming fourth and eighth twice
  • Chiara (auction horse 2007) and her rider Ludger Beerbaum convinced also at CSI5*-GCT Madrid: They finished an 1.50m class on the third rank and became fourth in the Grand Prix with jump-off (1.55m) on Sunday
  • A win has been celebrated again by the junior rider Zoe Osterhoff and her young mare Quasi Fomia: The pair won a 1.40m class in Kamen
  • Eight year old Conrad (auction horse 2012) and Vladimir Beletskiy finished eighth in a Youngster Class at CSI3*/YH* Redefin
  • Cooper One (auction horse 2014) and Ann- Katrin Brune have been successful in Greven and won the Springpferdeprüfung Klasse L with the score 8.6
  • The six year old gelding Embassy (auction horse 2014) was ridden by Sebastian Adams at the show in Mülheim. The youngster got the fifth rank in the Springpferdeprüfung Klasse L and finished third in the Springpferdeprüfung Klasse M*


05.05.2015 Profitable 488 Kilometer

A beautiful show ground 

Our GPS displayed a 488 km long route, when Romy and Tobias left the stables with our seven horses on Thursday morning 5.30 a.m. 488km from our stables in Goch to Redefin, where the traditional CSI3* show took place on the national stud farm “Redefin”. With the breathtaking coulisse of the huge impressive portal in the background, this event is one of a kind. Straight at the start of the green season, the Pferdefestival Redefin comes up with a special programme and top class competitors. Our opinion when we left the show on Sunday: the 488 km were quite profitable.


I'm Special 

  • My Pleasure (auction horse 2014) attracted attention at the show ground of Magna Racino. With Mykhailo Pilipenko the six year old stallion was eighth in an international youngster class and became fifth in the final with jump- off.
  • Also I’m Special van’t Heike (auction horse 2014) and Theresa Krapf competed in Ebreichsdorf. They got a placement in an international youngster class for seven year old horses
  • Auction horse 2014 FischerDaily Impressed and his famous rider Michael Jung convinced at the 52. Maimarkt- Turnier in Mannheim. The seven year old gelding by Cartani got two placements in the challenging Youngster Classes
  • Captain Sparrow (auction horse 2012) was also at the top show in Mannheim and finished second and sixth in international 1.40m classes of the CSI3*
  • Abarlo made his young rider Isabelle Gerfer happy again: At the national show in Wipperfürth they were ninth in a 1.40m class and finished fifth in a 1.45m class with winning round
  • Jil Kerpen and Nightmare were placed in a 1.30m class in Wipperfürth


Check me Out  by Marx in 2014

  • Seven year old Dalli Dalli confirmed his quality and thanked for his concentrated and solid schooling during the winter: The son of Canturano became seventh in a 1.35m youngster class and got a placement in the final of the youngster tour, a 1.40m two- phases competition.
  • Legioner finished clear in a 1.40m class on Friday and became tenth in the Championat of Lübzer, a 1.50m ranking class on Saturday afternoon
  • Also Check me Out presented himself very well in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and earned ranking points: The gelding was placed in the Final of the Medium Tour (1.45m class)
  • Last Minute got the fifth rank in a class of the CSI3* Small Tour
  • Tobias and his horses were also very good in form: With Casscora he finished eighth in a 1.40m class of the CSI3*
  • Velvet Brown showed an exceptional easy round in the challenging Grand Prix, but unfortunately they didn’t had the luck on their side: The pole of the last fence felt down… Four faults, no jump-off…


Carlson and Simone Buhofer 

  • Crème Caramel (auction horse 2012) finished sixth in a 1.30m class
  • At the big show in Massener Heide the six year old grey gelding Cooper One (auction horse 2014) was placed third in a Springpferdeprüfung Klasse L
  • Seven year old mare Danique Vive (auction horse 2014) was ridden by Gianluca Paracciani in Caselle di Sommacapagne. They were placed in a 1.30m class
  • Quidamia (auction horse 2010) and Alessia Marioni placed third in a 1.30m class
  • Young Rider Simone Buhofer and her seven year old Carlson (auction horse 2014) decorated themselves with a placement in a 1.30m class in Neuendorf
  • Stakkanuja (auction horse 2014) is also an auction horse from 2014 which attracts attention on national and international shows and makes her rider Alessandra Bichsel more than happy: In Neuendorf she was clear and clear and clear…


29.04.2015 Great results of the "Alumni"

Djerma and Sophia Lindemann 

  • We’re very proud to announce the great results of the „Alumni“:
  • Embassy (auction horse 2014) and the young Amazon Victoria Lauff won the first class of the young horses at CSIYH Eschweiler and got a placement in the second international class
  • Sophia Lindemann and her seven year old Djerma became fourth in a two-phases- competition if the Gold Tour at CSI* Eschweiler
  • Full of Hope has been presented by Felix Kollmorgen at the Young Master Show in Eschweiler and was placed in an international 1.30m class of the junior-tour
  • Young rider Pia- Maria Schröder earned several ribbons at the international show: With Orlando (auction horse 2012) she was placed in a 1.35m as well as in a 1.40m class. Pascal finished fourth in a competiotion of the Gold Tour.
  • Jil Kerpen and Nightmare were placed in a 1.40m speed class on Sunday afternoon at CSI* Eschweiler
  • Colin and Noemie Goergen competed at the national show in Pirmasens and placed third in a 1.40m class with winning round


27.04.2015 Our girls on the international stage

Thunder Girl  by Fotostudio Marx

While we men were riding and training here at home last weekend, Christine, Laura, Alena and Romy represented our stables at the international Young Master show in Eschweiler. They competed highly successful and showed impressive rounds with their horses in every class. Christine rode the six year old mare Thunder Girl (by Thunder van de Zuuthoeve) in the Youngster Tour and attracted attention in all rounds: The young mare jumped unbelievable and very concentrated with all the scope and quality a horse needs. Four courses and four clear rounds was the amazing conclusion on Sunday evening. After rank four and six in the qualifications they won the challenging final, a 1.35m class with jump-off, on Sunday morning. Cupitella (Capito x Nimmerdor) rewarded herself with a fourth place in a class of the Gold Tour and Mrs.-Always-Successful-Aerobic dominated the Diamond Tour: The mare by Argent finished fourth and fifth in 1.35m classes.


Carlson and Alena 

Our just fifteen year old Laura demonstrated again that the switch from Children to Junior level succeeded successfully: In the saddle of her beloved horses she rode great courses and finished seventh in the first international class for junior riders. On Saturday both Quanita and Little Tinka had a well-deserved day off. This plan worked out perfectly: Both horses were very fresh in the Grand Prix and got placements. Little Tinka became seventh in the 1.40m class and Quanita finished fourth after two clear rounds. Laura made herself the best presents for her birthday!
Our student Alena from Russia had also a great finish of her stay abroad: Before she went back to Russia she earned placings with her geldings Call me Paul and Carlson in the international U25 classes.


22.04.2015 Happiness!

Kleiner Onkel 

  • Again we found the names of our former horses in the result lists of international competitions last weekend:
  • Hellzapoppin and Marina Vinnichenko finished third in the Grand Prix at CSI2* Magna Racino and were clear in a 1.45m class
  • Nine year old gelding Smint (auction horse 2012) and his rider Noemie Goergen became fourth in the CSI-U25 Grand Prix in Eschweiler and placed third as well as sixth in international 1.40m classes
  • At CSI3* San Giovanni Kleiner Onkel (auction horse 2010) and Maria Madenova finished sevensth in the Grand Prix
  • Eight year old stallion Conquest (auction horse 2014) and Maria Madenova were fifth in an international 1.40m class at CSI3* San Giovanni
  • Young rider Isabelle Gerfer was again very happy with the performance of her Abarlo: They finished seventh in the Grand Prix of CSN Brakel (1.50m class)
  • Quasi Fomia and Zoe Osterhoff convinced also in Brakel: Rank eight in a 1.40m class and six in a 1.45m class
  • Ann-Katrin Brune rode Cooper One (auction horse 2014) in Werne and placed second as well as seventh in youngster classes
  • Dr. Sven Heitkemper earned ribbons with this geldings Zaire and Clemens (auction horse 2012) at the show in Werne


21.04.2015 Eyecatcher at Buschstrasse 21

The grass is green and has top quality. The fencing shines white and the quality of the ground is perfect. Yesterday we’ve built the first course on our adored grass field. The arena looks amazing- the jumps are colourful, the different fences beautiful and the overall picture wonderful. It is like an eye candy. The heart of every show jumping rider is beating faster because of the perfect training conditions. Building the course for hours pays off; everything looks super and we have the best possibilities for training. And now, with the sun and blue sky, it is even better.


20.04.2015 Airplane in Eschweiler

We were smiling like the sun last weekend. Why? Because our horses performed so well at CSI3*/YH* Eschweiler and made us very proud. Seven year old Dalli Dalli flew like an airplane in the international Youngster Classes: Four courses, four clear rounds and always placed under the top five in classes with top class competitors. At the first day the son of Canturano won the youngster class and the day after he finished fifth. Also in the final on Sunday Dalli Dalli jumped with scope and ease and got the third rank. My conclusion: Dalli Dalli is ready for the coming (international) shows this year! In addition Legioner jumped super and finished clear in the in the Masters Class on Saturday. In this 1.50m ranking class we had one time fault- definitely my fault.
Congratulations to my student Vanessa Borgmann: The young Amazon and her gelding Come to win won the Grand Prix of Eschweiler with to amazing clear rounds. Well done, Vanessa!


16.04.2015 Laura & Quanita's Winning Round


15.04.2015 Facts and figures about the Z-Tour

Our adventure „Z- Tour“ in facts and figures: 14 days stay, 9 show days, 24 horse, plenta few tents food, more than 160 completed courses, almost 100 (double) clear rounds, several international placements and 2 victories, ranking points, 3 video cameras with hours of video material, almost all weather circumstances (storm, rain, hail and also sun!) and of course a lot of fun, experiences and satisfaction. Our riders and horses surpassed themselves, competed in 1.40m classes the first time and inexperienced horses got the first experiences on international stage.
All our horses represented our stables very well and we’re proud of every single horse (and of course rider!). The first outdoor show(s) is/are always something very special and interesting. Of course, not every course can be finished clear (that would be too nice), but the most important thing is the happiness and satisfaction of the horses.


14.04.2015 Laura and ‚Rita' win the Grand Prix

Uufff.... To be honest, we’ve no words for the emotions we underwent yesterday in Lanaken. There are also no words for the experiences we made and we will never forget. At least, not yet. Sure, we’re not neutral, so it’s even more difficult to be professional when describing the day. Our 14 year old Laura and her mare Quanita, called Rita, won the CSI-U25 Grand Prix on the Ratina Z Arena. Laura and Rita were the first to go in the 1.45m course. After her premiere with Little Tinka in a 1.45m class one week before it was just her second course of this height. But she trusted her little jumping pony and both Laura as well as Rita fight together in an exemplary style. Priority for us was the safety and health of Laura and her horse, but Laura teach us, that she and her horse can make it and that they are ready for the big tour. After the concentrated course walking and the warm- up it became serious: Fanfare, salutation and then the amazing 70 seconds began. Laura’s father was not able to stand quiet and walked up and down, her mum ‘tried’ to film everything, her grandmother closed her eyes, the grandfather was not able to sit, and the whole HH- team stood/jumped/hopped at the entry.
 And Laura? She was excited. During the 70 seconds in the course Laura and Rita showed exemplary show jumping: harmony, concentration, teamwork, perfect style, trust… Clear. CLEAR in the 1.45m class. Also the round with Little Tinka was amazing, with one fault they also got a placement. But… back to Quanita. Just two horse-rider combinations made it to the jump- off, this means Laura and Quanita will be second at the end. In the jump- off they showed a nice and fast clear round. Also the round of Jens van Grunsven looked very fast, but our girls were faster and won this Grand Prix. We were proud, happy and very, very thankful. We know that tomorrow the world can look different, but we really enjoy this moment. Wow.
Seventeen year old Lars and eight year old Balderdas had their premiere in a 1.45m class. They did a phenomenal round and finished fifth with only one (needless) time penalty. Well done!!!


14.04.2015 Current programme: Happy Horse

24 horses have been stabled in Lanaken the past two weeks. But this doesn’t mean, that it was boring at home! Quite the contrary took place: The horses at home enjoyed quiet training, quality time in the field and several wellness sections. The stables has been cleaned and coloured, so the horses have always a wonderful and clean home. Also the ground on the sand arena has been improved, the planting on the whole yard changed and beautified and several legworks done. I have to say thank you to the team at home and it’s always great to have a team at home you can trust.


02.03.2015 Placements in the Grand Prix of Keppeln

Daniela and Castelli 

  • Last weekend the traditional show in Keppeln took place. Tobias competed in almost every class and rode different horses in classes from 1.20m up to 1.45m level. Also our apprentice Daniela and young rider Lars presented the horses wonderful and attract attention with the beautiful performances. All in all our horses and rider learned a lot during the three days have a very positive conclusion:
  • The 10yo mare Casscora was placed in all classes she competed in. On Friday the mare finished seventh in a 1.35m class and placed in the 1.40m class. Also on Saturday Tobias and Casscora got a placement in a 1.40m class with jump-off and in the Grand Prix on Sunday (1.45m) they finished ninth
  • Velvet Brown jumped the 1.40m class with ease and scope. Her result: A brilliant clear roundThe always motivated Cincitty had his debut in a puissance class on Saturday night: The tribune was sold out and many spectators watched the interesting class. Cincitty and Tobi were clear over 1.90m and finished seventh
  • Great performances have been shown by Zimperia, an eight year old mare by Acobat II. It was her second show with Tobias and she impressed not only his rider with the clear rounds, but also the spectators
  • Canturana (v. Canturo) also attracted attention: Wonderful clear rounds in the 1.20m and 1.30m classes inclusive placements
  • Both Carenette and the seven year old stallion Cordamomo finished their courses without faults


Velvet Brown & Tobias 

  • Tryba du Lerchenberg impressed with promising rounds in 1.30m and 1.40m classes
  • Our young apprentice Daniela presented the ten year old Castelli in the challenging classes: Second rank in a 1.40m class and fourth place in the Grand Prix of Keppeln (1.45m). They had the fastest time in the jump-off, but… after a very light fault at the last fence
  • Seven year old Ulaika finished ninth in a 1.30m class and fifth in a 1.35m class
  • Lars rode the highly talented gelding Oreo as well as Wunderkind in 1.20m and 1.30m classes and was happy with nice clear rounds!
  • All these activities and performances were made possible by the great teamwork: the horses looked stunning, horses and lorries have been changed on time and the whole team worked hand-in-hand. It’s just fun to compete when the horses are jumping and behaving so exceptional well and the team spirit is omnipresent! This is what we love…


03.03.2015 Great results from 1.00m -1.50m classes

Clemens and Dr. Sven Heitkemper  by TS Foto

  • Great success for Imperial Zig Zag (auction horse 2009): Ridden by Alberto Zorzi the beautiful stallion won the Grand Prix (1.45m) at CSN Manerbio. Furthermore they finished eleventh in a 1.40m class and placed fifth in a 1.35m class
  • The eight year old gelding Clemens (auction horse 2012) and Dr. Sven Heitkemper competed successfully in Kreuth: They were placed in a 1.30m class as well as in a 1.40m class for young horses. With Zaire Dr. Sven Heitkemper got a placement in a 1.35m class
  • Lucca and Jolina Ossenberg- Engels were at the Late Entry in Massener Heide and were placed in a 1.20m class
  • Ralf Ossenberg- Engels and Aramis finished fifth in a1.35m class at the show in Kreuztal
  • Cargo (auction horse 2012) has been presented by Jonas Ossenberg- Engels and was clear in all 1.20m and 1.30m classes the gelding competed in
  • Wilma Raulf and G- Star de Muze were in Keppeln. They got the second rank in a 1.30m class and became ninth in a 1.40m class with jump-off
  • Also Isabelle Gerfer was in Keppeln. The young rider and her gelding Abarlo were fourth in a 1.40m with jump-off
  • Zplendid (auction horse 2014) and Jan Wernke won an international class for six year old horses at the “MET Tour 2015” in Oliva Nova


Cecotto's As and Chris Kappler 

  • Also the eighth week of the „Winter Equestrian Festival“ in Wellington was very successful for former horses of our stable
  • We would like to congratulate Jennifer Rowland on winning the High Adult 18-35 class with Wirina
  • Natalie Horween and Catina Del Masset also won the Low Amateur Owner class on Saturday
  • Ginger (auction horse 2007) and Lea Allen won the Don Little Masters Class and finished fourth in an other competition
  • Adriane (auction horse 2012) and her rider Savannah Barry were second in a Adult Jumper class and finished third in a $10,000 Adult Jumper- Classic class
  • Valou was ridden by Michele Kamine and placed in a Low Amateur Owner Classic class
  • Chris Kappler presented the young stallion Cecotto’As and got the third rank in a 1.35m class
  • A wonderful clear round in the $25,000 1.50m class has been shown by the young rider Lillie Keenan and her gelding Super Sox
  • Amazing performances were shown by HH Gypsy (auction horse 2014): The six year old gelding was ridden by Oliver McCarthy and got placements in the youngster classes


25.02.2015 Call me Hannes placed in Grand Prix

„Call me Hannes“ attracted the attention again! Last Sunday the nine year old gelding by Cassini II and his rider David Beisel became eleventh in the $50,000 Ocala HITS Grand Prix. The Grand Prix took place in the Ocala Horse Properties Stadium with a large crowd of spectators gathered around to watch the spectacle under beautiful, sunny skies. After our Sport Horse Sales 2010 Call me Hannes was stabled in Germany for training, before he was sold to the United States in 2014. We’re very happy about the great results of the highly talented horse. Congratulations!


23.02.2015 Success in Italy, Poland, Germany & USA

Zaire & Dr. Sven Heitkemper  by TS- Foto

  • Great success for Aseth (Auction horse 2010) and his rider Antonio Sanfelice de Monteforte: The gelding jumped a super double clear in the Grand Prix at CSI** Gorla Minore (ITA) to finish six
  • Sebastian Adams presented the eight year old gelding Cordalis at the “MET- Tour” in Oliva Nova (ESP) and showed a beautiful clear round in the 1.45m Longines ranking class at the CSI*** show. In an international 1.40m class they were placed.
  • Gertje van het Scheefkasteel and Werner Muff finished ninth in a 1.40m class at CSI*** Graz
  • Seven year old Udarko was clear in all classes of the Small Tour at CSI** Lublin. In the final the gelding and his rider Vladimir Beletskiy were placed.
  • Vladimir Beletskiy also rode Conrad (auction horse 2012) at the international show in Lublin and got a placement in a 1.30m class
  • The successful team Casscare (auction horse 2011) and Kristaps Neretnieks jumped a great clear in an international class at CSI** Lublin
  • Zaire (auction horse 2011) was ridden by Dr. Sven Heitkemper at CSN Kreuth. They finished tenth in a 1.40m class and became sixth in the Grand Prix


  • Also during week 7 of the “Winter Equestrian Festival” in Wellington former horses have been very successful:
  • The number of victories is getting longer and longer: This weekend Ginger (auction horse 2007) and Lea Allen won a Low Adult Jumper class and finished sixth in an other class
  • Auction horse 2011 Adriane and her rider Savannah Barry have been victorious in an Adult Jumper class
  • Young rider Lillie Keenan and her gelding Super Sox showed a beautiful round in a $85.000 1.50m Suncast class and have been rewarded with a placement
  • One horse attracted amazing attention in the classes for six year old horses: HH Gypsy. Sold at the auction 2014 the chestnut gelding is now stabled at Double H Farm and makes everyone happy with his phenomenal quality
  • Two placements in Low Amateur Owner Classic classes have been earned by Tinka’s Queen (auction horse 2011) and Leah de Martini
  • Casalita and Jennifer Rowland were fourth in the Low Adult class on Saturday and had a great round in the High Adult Classic on Sunday
  • Wirina and Jennifer finished tenth in the High Adult Classic on Sunday after having the winning time, but an unfortunate last rail in the jump-off
  • In the Low Amateur Owner jumpers, Natalie Horween and Catina Del Masset won the speed class on Saturday out of 84.
  • Gaby Reutter and Tilghman (auction horse 2008) had an impressive third place finish in the Medium Amateur Speed class
  • Francesca Bolfo and Celly Negra had a very fast second place finish in the Medium Amateur Owner class on Friday, while Natalie and Baragona finished 4th.


23.02.2015 Form check at CSN Borken

On Friday Tobias made a quick and very successful trip to the national show in Borken. In a 1.35m our rider wanted to check the condition and form of the ten year old Casscora as well as Cincitty. The big show in Borken was as busy as ever and proved a super show to develop the young horses and give the older ones a warm up for the international shows. More than 90 horses competed in the 1.35m class on Friday evening, ridden by national and international well- known professionals. Both horses have been jumping super, I’m especially pleased how Tobias and Casscora are getting on together. The mare finished eighth in the class and nine year old Cincitty finished ninth out of 92 horses. Shortly: Form check passed!


23.02.2015 Nominated for the big HGW- Final

Everything began with the first place in the qualification for the “HGW- Bundesnachwuchschampionat”, a 1.30m style class, during the “Salut Festival” in Aachen last December. Last weekend Laura and her mother had been in Warendorf, to participate at the clinic with the Federal coach. And today we got great news: Because of their great performances during the clinic and the perfectly ridden rounds full of harmony Laura and her mare Quanita are nominated for the big final of the “HGW- Bundesnachwuchschampionat”. The final will take place from 19. till 22. March 2015 in Braunschweig in a great atmosphere and the numerous spectators will complete the ambience. All in all 25 young riders from all of Germany are nominated for the event and we’re very proud and looking forward!


19.02.2015 Wow! "Wetten,dass...?" in his new home

Wetten, dass...?  Auction picture 2014

In December 2014 auction horse “Wetten, dass…?” moved into his new home at Double H Farm in the USA. He seems to feel very well there and shows great performances. During the Winter Equestrian Festival the gelding competes with this new name “HH Gypsy” in his first classes for six year old horses and showed beautiful performances. With his incredible quality and jumping abilities he attracts attention of the experts in Palm Beach. When we watched the video of his competition we were overwhelmed and more than happy, that this youngster is doing so well. We wish to congratulate the owners and rider of “HH Gypsy” and are really happy for them! But please convince yourself, that the son of Stakkato is just an unbelievable jumper:



19.02.2015 Zplendid wins in Oliva

Zplendid (Auction horse 2014 "Cleopatra") 

75 six year old horses competed in the 1.30m two- phases competition during the „Mediterranean Equestrian Tour“ in Oliva Nova (ESP) yesterday. At the end a well- known mare won the challenging class: Zplendid, auction horse 2014 “Cleopatra”. The mare by Zannini- R relegated 74 other competitors from all over the world to second place and beyond and hat a great premiere in the international show- world. Since December 2014 Zplendid is stabled with Jan Wernke, who trains the youngster and presents her on shows. Congratulations to the rider and the owner, we’re looking forward to get more result news from you!


18.02.2015 Fourth in the Grand Prix of Roosendaal

  • At CSI*/** Roosendaal in the Netherlands we had another fun show with great results. Tobias and Christine competed with their horses and we’re more than pleased with their performances. They jumped incredible well and in an absolutely convincing manner:
  • The fourteen year old gelding Unesco (by Kojak) and Tobias were incredibly fast in the1.40m opening class placed first. German anthem at the first day- the opening couldn’t be better! In the big class on Friday Unesco jumped a super double clear to finish second
  • Velvet Brown again confirmed her top form. The ten year old mare and Tobias were fourth in the „PSC DEN GOUBERGH GRAND PRIX“, a 1.45m ranking class, after a superb jump-off. The mare was super in the Grand Prix and we’re so pleased with how she's turning out
  • Also Casscora jumped clear in a 1.35m class, improving in her rideability each day
  • Christine presented the eleven year old Aerobic in a brilliant manner: In the 1.40m opening class Thursday evening they finished third
  • Nine year old First Lady kept her clear-round-rate and attracted attention again. The beautiful mare was placed twice in 1.30m classes of the CSI* and finished tenth in the final with jump-off


Tobias and Velvet in the Grand Prix


18.02.2015 fischerDaily Impressed causes sensation

fischerDaily Impressed & Michael Jung 

Chapeau and respect! It seems to us that Michael Jung and fischerDaily Impressed (auction horse 2014 „Cartani’s King“) are destined for each other. Whether at CSIYH* Drachten, CSIYH* Treffen or CSIYH* Offenburg- during the last weeks the seven year old gelding attract attention on several international shows and made the equestrian world talking about him. A lot of clear rounds, placements under the top five and his phenomenal performances in the ring were sensational. At last the Olympic gold medal winner presented the horse at CSIYH* Offenburg and they finished third and fourth in the qualifications against eight year old horses. In the final the pair became seventh. At CSIYH* Treffen fischerDaily Impressed and his rider got the silver rank in the final. fischerDaily Impressed lives up to his name and this makes his rider, the new owners as well as us very happy. Congratulations!


17.02.2015 … keep it up, Simone!

During the past month the young rider Simone Buhofer and her horses were at our stables for training. Since three years the Swiss Amazon and her four- legged partners are based at Willi Melligers stables in Switzerland, where they are coached by the highly successful trainer. Simone wanted to make more experiences and broaden her mind, so she decided to come to our training centre. We focussed on concentrated training at home, but we also competed on national and international shows. Simone improved her riding silks on highest level and showed beautiful rounds on the shows including wins in international classes uo to 1.40m and placements in Grand Prix at CSI*/**- level. Especially our last show together at CSI*/** Offenburg was very successful with super performances and a golden ribbon and a placement in the Grand Prix. Our team really enjoyed the time with Simone and we had successful months. We wish the Swiss- team member good luck for the coming shows!


17.02.2015 Christine&Aerobic victorious in the GP

Christine & Aerobic 

Wow. What a weekend. At CSI*/** Offenburg we became rewarded for our concentrated work with our horses and were pleased with the overall result after four days. On our return trip we were just thankful for the great experiences and highly proud of our horses. We had several highlights: Tobias earned valuable Longines ranking points, Christine and Aerbic won the CSI* Grand Prix and our student Simone celebrated a victory in an international class. Well, let's now proceed in sequential order and start with the general show. The 8th edition of the international indoor show was again super organized; the conditions for horses and riders were brilliant, the quality of the sport very high and the atmosphere fantastic. Directly at the first day we noticed that our horses really like the show ground and feel very comfortable. Fortunately this feeling continued till the final day and has been confirmed by the results of our ponies:


Velvet Brown & Tobias 

  • Christine and the eleven year old mare Aerobic (by Argent) delivered brilliant performances: after two phenomenal rounds they won the CSI* Grand Prix”. A wonderful prize- giving ceremony, German anthem and the lap of honour in the sold-out arena was just stunning! Furthermore the two ladies were able to get placements in a 1.35m speed class as well as in a 1.40m class with jump-off.
  • First Lady was again in all classes she competed in, the nine year old mare is just a beauty in the course and jumps every single course very easy
  • Tobias had an excellent result from his experienced gelding Unesco, jumping double clear in the 1.45m ranking class and finished fifth.
  • The ten year old mare Velvet Brown (by For Pleasure) jumped clear in all classes. In the final of the CSI** Medium Tour they finished sixth and earned again Longines ranking points
  • I rode the Contendro son Check me Out, jumping clear in the 1.40m
  • Our student Simone Buhofer presented her horses very well on the international level, winning a class of the CSI* tour with Wimona. Her gelding Riosco jumped a lovely clear in the Grand Prix and was rewarded with a placement.


22.01.2015 Looking back on a fantastic event...


21.01.2015 Visit at the "Spatzennest"

Our 10th Sport Horse Sales was an unforgettable anniversary. The anniversary event was an incredible experience with a unique atmosphere and famous guests from all over the world who obviously enjoyed themselves. Directly at the beginning the visitors were allowed to obserce a bidder duel, when auctioneer Volker Raulf offered “Glückskerl F”, a life-sized horse made of 5400 horseshoes that had been provided by Andrea and Rainer Franken from Keppeln for a good cause. Heidi van Thiel was over the moon to receive a donation of EUR 18,000 for the children’s hostel “Spatzennest“ in Essen. It was donated by Russian Equestrian Federation President Sergey Maslov who bought "Glückskerl F".
Yesterday Andrea and Rainer Franken and me visited the children’s hostel for children in need. After a long conversation with Heidi van Thiel, her daughter Nadine Fromme (both are godparents of the intuition), Professor Dr. Ulrich Spie (executive chairman of local union Essen E.V.) and Martina Heuer (director of “Spatzennest”) and a short visitation of the accommodation, we gave the big cheque again and made a lot of people and children happy. Fact is: The money has found the right institution and we’re really happy that we can support the facility, the children deserve it. Thanks again to Family Franken and Mr. Maslov!


20.01.2015 A great show for the girls

Wimona & Simone 

  • Last weekend Christine and Simone went to the Netherlands to compete at CSI*/** Drachten. The first international show was a great success: The girls showed exemplary rounds in the international classes, finished clear in the most courses and Simone was able to win a class, so the Swiss anthem has been played.
  • Christine presented five mares and all of them jumped fantastically well. Unfortunately not all rounds could be rewarded with placements, but that doesn’t matter:
  • Six year old Thunder Girl had her second international show with overnight stay. The mare was focussed on the sport, was clear in two classes of the CSI*- Tour and got a placement
  • First Lady was clear in all classes she competed in. The grey mare attracts the attention of the spectators with her scope and rideability.
  • Eleven year old mare Aerobic was clear in a 1.35m class of the CSI**
  • Christine presented the eight year old mare Clarissa in the CSI**- classes: They were clear in a 1.35m class as well in the final and got a placement in this international class
  • Wendy, nine year old mare by Alasca, was without faults in a 1.35m two phases competition as well as in a 1.40m class
  • Simone, our young student from Switzerland, competed with her three horses in the CSI**- Tour and confirmed her improvement. Her highlight was the victory in a 1.35m two-phases-competition with her chestnut mare Wimona.


20.01.2015 … this is what we like…

Captain Sparrow  by Pferdefoto Lafrentz

  • At the CSI Drachten we’ve been in the fortunate position to see a lot of former (auction) horses of our stables jumping with their new rider and owners:
  • FischerDaily Impressed (auction horse 2014 “Cartani’s King”) was ridden by Michael Jung for the first time. The high quality youngster finished all classes of the small CSI* tour without a fault and was placed seventh and ninth
  • Nicola Pohl presented her young gelding Crispy (auction horse 2014 “Bachelor”) and was more than happy with their performances in the CSI* classes and the clear rounds
  • Kleiner Onkel (auction horse 2009) and his rider Maria Madenova from Russia became tenth in a challenging 1.45m class of the CSI**
  • Also Captain Sparrow (auction horse 2012) was presented at CSI* Drachten and got the third rank in a 1.30m two phases competition. The dark bay gelding by Cormint I was ridden by Olympic gold medal winner Michael Jung
  • Three courses, three clear rounds is the brilliant result of the stallion Great Pleasure. The horse and his rider Bart Bles got placements for their super performances


Wilford  by Sportfot.com

  • Also during the second week of the „Winter Equestrian Festival“ in Wellington, Florida, our horses were highly successful and attract attention in the different classes:
  • Natalie Horween and Baragona set a trailblazing time in the Low Amateur Classic and finished first. Mare Baragona ended up champion of the division!
  • Also Ginger (auction horse 2007) and Lea Allen have been victorious, they won a Don Little Masters class
  • Valou and Michelle Kamine became fifth in a Low Amateur Jumper Class
  • Tilghman (auction horse 2008) and his owner Gaby Reutter got a placement in a Low Amateur Owner Jumper class
  • Paul O’Shea presented the grey stallion Broadway (auction horse 2013) in a class for seven year old horses and got a placement
  • Wonderful rounds have been showed by the eight year old mare Tinka’s Queen (auction horse 2011) and Leah de Martini
  • Catina del Maset and Natalie Horween got the eighth and tenth place in an Adult Jumper Class
  • Also happy was Maggie Savoie- she and her Nubia became tenth in an Adult Amateur Class
  • Wilford (auction horse 2010) showed once again his talent and unbelievable scope and got a placement in a 1.50m class. He was ridden by Liubov Kochetova


20.01.2015 Current ranking promises suspense

After our indoor show series a super special prize will be sponsored by “Autohaus Waldhausen & Bürkel, Monchengladbach”: The most successful rider of class nr. 7 (M**- class) as well as class nr. 8 (S*- class) after all seven shows gets an invitation to a “"Audi Driving Experience with a R8 5.2 FSI quattro- at the race track Nürburgring" (incl. overnight stay) with a value of 1.450€ per person. Currently Markus Renzel is leading both classifications, but we’re sure a lot of riders would like to win the special prize and will give their best during the last three shows. Click here to check the general survey!


12.01.2015 A successful first week…

Cecotto's As 

  • … under Floridas’s sun! The „Winter Equestrian Festival“ has started and the first week was already a great success for former horses of our stables:
  • Adriane (auction horse 2010) and Samuel Parot finished third in the 63.000€ “Battle of Sexes Exhibition” class
  • Tinka’s Queen (auction horse 2010) showed a clear round in a 1.35m class
  • Jennifer Rowland had a second place finish on Wirina and a fourth place on Casalita in the Low Adult Jumpers (Sec A)
  • Gaby Reutter showed her highly talented gelding Tilghman (auction horse 2008) and got a placement in the Low Amateur Owner class
  • Francesca Bolfo and Celly Negra also had super rounds in the Medium AO Jumpers including a 7th place finish in Saturday's class
  • Baragona was ridden by Natalie Horween and became third in the Low Amateur Owner Classic
  • Also Chris Kappler competed during the first week showing his stallion Cecotto's As: They finished fifth in a 1.35m class


12.01.2015 Gertje victorious at CSI5* Basel

Gertje at CSI5* Basel 

The New Year just began and we’ve already sensational result news from a former horse: The dearly beloved Gertje van het Scheefkasteel and his rider Werner Muff won the opening class at the world class show CSI5* Basel. The pair showed an exceptional fast round and have been two seconds faster than the rest of the international elite competitors. The nine year old gelding can jump everything and always tries to do his best. We all are very happy about the great result of our darling Gertje and send our congratulations to his rider, groom and his owner Marlis Mühlebach!


12.01.2015 Premiere: Live- results online

Tomorrow we offer the service of live- results for the first time during a show at our yard. All interested people can have a look to the results online in the internet and also the list of competitors can be seen in the Internet. With this service we would like to offer a better service for all interested people, as well as for the competitors and grooms. Everyone can attend the show with his Smartphone… We hope that everything takes place without any difficulties and if not: we know how to do it better at our next show in February. Click HERE to see the live results.


06.01.2015 Schedule for our show online

Next Wednesday, 14 January 2015, we start the show season 2015 with our show on my yard. Visitors are very welcome to attend the day and watch the interesting classes. We start at 8:45 a.m. with the youngster A** class. The 1.40m class will start at 5:45 p.m. Click here to have a look to the schedule.


05.01.2015 Welcome, 2015!

After some quiet and very harmonious Christmas Days we started fresh and healthy into the New Year. We are all highly motivated to start the New Year and are looking forward to the new responsibilities and challenges that await us during the next 365 days. In recent weeks and months most of the horses at my stables have had a well-deserved break from shows, most of the youngsters even since autumn. This doesn’t mean that the stable is closed, quite the contrary is going on: The young horses are enjoying well thought out training exercises with a lot of gym work They are all highly motivated present themselves in a good mood during the daily changing training. The skills and strengths of the horses will be developed individual and the rideability will be improved. Everything is carried out with a lot of fun for rider and horse, so it is not boring, even it is work. The experienced show horses were "kept happy", what means light work under saddle, relaxed walking on the lunge or free running in the hall, it is important that the athletes are happy, because that’s the only way to show good performances. Our show season 2015 will start next week with our own show on Wednesday 14 January, 2015 at our stables and the day after our first international show in Drachten (CSI*/**) will start. More national and international entries have been made for this month. You see- already the January 2015 is everything, but not boring…


05.01.2015 The news from 2014…

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